Careers Coaching

Being a teenager can be difficult, that is why we make Career Coaching or transitioning from school easy!

We want you leaving school feeling confident, on your own journey to success, and knowing that you have options and many options! We want you to feel empowered by your decisions and having a great understanding that life is not all about ATAR, it is about possibilities, passions, strengths and choices!

Whether you are looking for direct access from school to university, internships, traineeships or apprenticeships or employment we can assist you to work out which option is best for you!

Our coaching conversation topics include; ATAR, UAC, Career Profiling, Career Tools, Alternative and Transitional pathways from school to work or further training, Discover your Authentic Vocation Pathway,  Transferrable Skills, Enterprise Skills and Future Careers.

We also assist you to design and maintain a living resume, seek and choose part time employment, identity volunteering and leadership opportunities whilst completing and updating early entries to Universities.

We have many coaching packages to best suit your needs and your financial investment.

Booking a coaching session today is investing in your future!

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is more than a buzz word. Our life coaching sessions are designed around "you". All sessions have your goals as the focus, and your coach is there for your support. Our sessions help you to identify the changes in your life that you would like to make, support you as you identify actions to help you action these goals and provide encouragement to achieve your action plan and implement your goals into your life successfully.

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Decision Time

Should I stay or leave university? Where’s the relevance? Why am I doing this? What choices do I have? Where will this lead me? Why did I enroll?
Don't just sit there in a course where you can't see relevance, purpose or direction, book a clarity session today it could be your turning point!

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Parent Coaching

When was the last time you had a career conversation with your young person? Did you know that the more career conversations a young person has with an adult the more successful and easier their transition into employment and training will be.

So, what's stopping you? Are you aware of the many changes that have happened in the school and employment area since you left school? Are you unsure of the language to use? Did you know that many young people are offered places into university before they even sit their HSC exams?

If you are unsure of any of these questions, you are not alone? That is why we have coaching sessions for parents. These sessions bring you up to date with changes in the education and tertiary spaces. Our sessions are an opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you have so you can feel confident and empowered to have in-depth and valuable career conversations with your young person.
How to help your children transition from school to a successful future

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Strengths Discovery

Do you ever find yourself in a situation or completing a task when time passed by without you realizing? Do you find some tasks easy to complete when your friends or colleagues struggle? Do you often wonder why you think or act in a particular way?

If you answered yes, perhaps you are working within your character strengths! Did you know that each of us have 24 character strengths! That's right, 24 strengths!!

Imagine what you could achieve and how successful and fulfilled you would be if you were to uncover your strengths and learn how to use them to their full potential.

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Literacy Support

Learning to read should be a natural activity, so why then why is my child struggling with the basics? Before your child decides to give up on school, explore a new and different literacy program. Our coaches are tertiary trained and will design a learning program for your child based on their individual learning and processing needs. Our programs include the most up to date theories and learning methods.
Its never to late to learn how to read.

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Wisdom Coaching for Children (ages 7 – 12)

Our "Kids Loving Life" coaching is based on the Adventures in Wisdom Curriculum. This program helps children to create happiness, confidence, resilience and success through stories.

Children learn how to identify their strengths, make good choices, combat their negative voices and build life long confident life strategies of success.

Children are introduced to a series of characters through the program which are complimented by practical application and creative expression.

Children build positive self esteem and resilience through stories and interactive fun activities.

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Our Coach

Kara through her strengths based coaching approach and experience in building networks is passionate about assisting young people to find their purpose and successful transition successfully into their chosen journey, and for adults to find their authentic vocation and passion for work and life.

Kara is a strong believer that everyone can be successful with the right support. Kara supports her clients to find their purpose and to build a toolkit of strategies which will assist them in their daily lives. Coaching is a journey of self discovery and new opportunities. Kara's clients range from 8 years old. Kara has the philosophy of providing age appropriate coaching to help each person to discovery their strengths.

Kara feels that by supporting families our young people will grow in confidence and skills to successfully transition into their life passion and career.

Kara's extensive Human Resources and Educational experience brings a network of support, up to date methodologies and contacts to her clients. Kara's expertise also enables her clients to feel supported during their lifecycle transitions.


Kara is passionate about:

  • Career conversations and development of career pathways,
  • Career and wellbeing coaching
  • Strengths coaching and helping clients to enhance their signature strengths
  • Building employment pathways
  • Providing career advice and pathways for young people at risk of disengaging
  • Coaching people to identify their transferability skills and their desired career paths
  • Supporting people to overcome obstacles and implement action plans to achieve their goals

Kara has extensive experience within the Education, Corporate and Disability Sectors, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, is an accredited trainer and assessor with expertise in mentoring, project and event management. Kara has recently completed a Certificate IV Life Coaching.



Get in contact with Kara now to begin gaining clarity and planning your future.


Phone  0425 617 643